Hillary has been my favorite Pilates teacher.  Her enthusiasm and smiling face brightens every workout.  Her classes provides an excellent workout while having fun; her hour-long classes seemed like 15 minutes.  I liked the fact that she walked us through moves at different levels so we would not injure ourselves.  She is an incredible instructor! – Angie Rose, 1/24/17

Hillary is amazing! Her Power Pilates class is an intense workout, but she always makes it fun and upbeat. I take her Monday evening class, which energizes and motivates me for the week ahead. – Sheri Bancroft, 1/15/16

I enjoyed your classes so much.  The exercises helped my neck pain tremendously – it’s where I carry my stress.  I need to start doing exercises again and get this little extra baby weight off!  Thank you for all that you taught me.  Sure wish I had started your classes earlier! – Annette James-Moore, 9/16/15

Hillary’s enthusiasm is contagious.  She takes you from where you’re at and gently moves you into the next level. – Dawn Hull, 8/31/2014

I love the workout I get from Pilates!  My energy level has increased since I started and I don’t feel that afternoon slump like I used to.  Hillary is great at mixing things up in class, so I never get bored.  I love feeling that burn!  My workouts on the reformer leave me feeling like I have really worked those trouble areas, as well as a great overall stretch of all the muscles.  It is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it.  I’ve been mixing up floor Pilates and the reformer for a few months with Hillary and am really enjoying the results.  I can’t wait to see how I feel as I continue to work on my stamina and progress to more challenging moves.  Thanks, Hillary! – Maureen Jesse, 4/12/2014

Hillary introduced me to Pilates about two years ago.  I was hesitant to try an exercise that wasn’t high impact.  I had always gravitated towards running or spin classes where I felt my body had been completely exhausted by the end of the hour.  Wow, was wrong in thinking that I wouldn’t receive a full body, intense workout with Pilates.  Hillary has introduced my body to a new type of sore.  A good sore!  I have expanded my workout regime to include Pilates; in fact, I prefer my Pilates workouts to my high impact workouts.  I have seen a change in my body over the last two years and I have Hillary to thank for introducing me to the world of Pilates! – Dana Radtke, 1/17/13

I have been taking Hillary’s Pilates class for about eight months now and have loved every minute of it.  Even though you are in a group setting for class, she makes it personal for each person there.  She keeps in mind your strengths and challenges and supports you throughout the workout.  Her workouts challenge you at all levels – she always gives modifications to challenge you to the next step or to help keep you mindful if you have a new injury.  You leave feeling like a million bucks and looking forward to the next class. – Julie Banks, 5/20/12

I love La Di Da Pilates!  I took my first Pilates class four months after the birth of my second child and it was such a great way to ease back into a workout routine post-pregnancy.  Hillary was great at instructing how to modify routines to fit my healing body.  I always felt refreshed and energized after class.  Great way to get in a workout, mind and body! – Amy Gronowski, 2/9/12

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